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Our Business

Protecta Electronics Ltd. has a track record of more than half a century in the production and development of electromechanical and solid state protective devices. R&D engineers of the former state-owned Electric Power Research Institute constitute the core staff of the company. For its research and development, Protecta relies on the most qualified experts in the field.

Today, we specialize primarily in the production of numerical fault protection relays and automatic controllers. This highly qualified and experienced team makes innovation Protecta’s most outstanding tradition. The choice of products offered by the firm includes the full range of protection functions for high- and medium-voltage networks, including power stations and industrial applications. Protecta provides complete solutions for all high-performance feeders, transformers, lines and busbars, including industrial protection applications.

In  addition  to  protective  devices,  we  also  manufacture substation  automatic  controllers and special devices such as

  • transformer voltage and tap changer controllers;
  • transformer inrush current minimizers;
  • Petersen coil controllers;
  • high speed transfer devices for transformers and incoming feeders.

Having acquired a majority stake in Prolan-Power Co., we can also provide SCADA systems, offering full-scale substation protection, control and SCADA system solutions using a comprehensive range of communication protocols.

Protecta´s success is based on the following core values, described in detail on the ‘Company philosophy’ page:  innovation, quality & reliability, flexibility and customer support.

These  values  have  allowed  us to increase our market  share  in  Hungary  above 60%  in  high-voltage  applications and to 90% in medium-voltage distribution networks.  In recent years we have also expanded on our export markets. Protecta exports its products all over the world. Customer numbers and order volumes have been increasing year from year. At present, we have more than one hundred regular customers. We achieved this in a market where we compete with multinationals such as ABB, Siemens or Schneider Electric.
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